• Mark Herman

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

If a picture is worth a thousand words, just think how many words you’ll get with pictures like this for a $350 subscription!

Transform your data from boring columns into graphical tools that take your decision-making capabilities to the next level by using Analyogx BI’s simple Three Step Process:

  • Connect. Easily get data from anywhere your data resides (cloud, on-premise, flat files) or a combination of multiple databases.

  • Prepare. Clean, combine, and compare your datasets without having to engage outside services.

  • Visualize. Customize visual layouts to provide insights quickly and accurately with no coding required.

Analogyx BI’s $350 base package includes:

  • 5 User Licenses

  • 500+ Pre-Built KPI’s

  • 60+ Pre-Built Dashboards

  • Historical Data Load

  • Technical Support

  • Training

  • No Maintenance Fees

  • Access from Any Web Browser

  • Permission-Based Data Security

  • Advanced Analytics

  • No Annual Contracts

  • No Epicor License Required

  • Scheduled Emails of Dashboards & Charts

  • Shop Floor Display Capability

Learn how Analogyx BI can visualize your data in ways that words cannot describe!

See the big picture with Analogyx BI by clicking here.

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