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ABI Role Call: Executives

Updated: May 29, 2020

Was your business caught off guard by the pandemic? Do you have access to vital information on cash flow to drive your decision-making during these critical months? How long can you meet payroll, pay suppliers, sustain current benefit levels? Are you prepared to file all the information required to meet federal assistance programs?

Understanding cash flow has always been essential to the success of every business when it comes to decisions on improving purchasing power, expansions, diversifications, acquisitions and product development. But now more than ever, it may be the key to the survival of your business.

Today we’ll take a quick look at just one of the ways in which Analogyx BI can provide you with the knowledge and power to survive disruptions, such as the current pandemic.

Among our many Cash Management Dashboards, Cash Flow Projection, like all of our dashboards and charts, can be customized to display your data using the parameters you define.

This particular set of charts provides us with a quick overview of Cash Projection for the next 10 weeks, along with a digital readout of our current Cash on Hand, and our AP and AR balances that gives us a quick view of our financial health.

Looking a little deeper we can see our AR coming due in the next 10 weeks, as well as, our Sales Backlog. This particular AR chart helps us see theory versus reality on a weekly basis by showing AR Due according to invoice due dates, as compared to the reality of when these invoiced customers typically pay.

Next, we can see our Payables commitments over the next 10 weeks, followed by the all-important comparison of Cash In versus Cash Out for the same time period.

For times when you need to provide detailed data for other internal or external users, Analogyx BI gives you the capability to quickly and easily apply filters to sort your data for spreadsheet analysis, such as looking deeper at the week of 5/25 backlog.

By clicking on a single week, we can go to our Tables tab and see that we now have tabular data sorted for just that time period, which we can then analyze by Customer, Order Number, or Backlog Value.

And, if this data needed to be exported for others to analyze or placed into a financial document, we can quickly and easily export this as either CSV or Excel.

If pictures are preferred, we can share any chart or dashboard through an email link or copy it to clipboard for insertion into a presentation document.

So, if you were caught off guard and found yourself fighting for survival in recent months, it’s time to get prepared. Get visual. Get Analogyx BI.

Interested in Analogyx BI? Click here for a Free 7 Day Trial!

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