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What is Analogyx BI?

Updated: May 29, 2020

IHS Technologies announced a new partnership this week, becoming the Master Distributor in North America for Analogyx BI.

You’re probably asking yourself, “What is Analogyx BI?” or “What does it have to do with ERP systems?” Well, we’re about to dive in, so buckle up.

Why Analogyx BI?

Analogyx BI is an end-to-end data analytics platform that allows your entire organization to access data on any device from anywhere in the world. You read that correctly – the entire organization from anywhere the Internet exists. Using succinct yet informative graphical charts and elements, Analogyx BI presents your company’s complex data in a user-friendly format. This makes it ideal for CEOs, managers, and marketing teams without the hassle of recruiting an IT specialist to decipher the analytics for you.

Epicor Compatibility

Analogyx BI clearly has its advantages for any company, but what we find most impressive is its purpose-built connector for Epicor ERP. Designed by Epicor users for Epicor users, Analogyx BI allows you to connect and present your Epicor data at all levels of business and technical users in a streamlined, comprehensive layout. Better yet, you don’t even need an Epicor login to access your analytics.

Drag & Drop Feature

In case end-to-end data analytics and Epicor ERP compatibility aren’t enough, Analogyx BI also hosts powerful GUI-based Drag & Drop data preparation and visual dataflows. Driven by machine learning algorithms (ML/AI), this feature lets users convert their data into presentable and useful information to assist with day-to-day business operations. And once again, no need for a coding expert. (Are you sensing a pattern?)

There are so many more features we could delve into when it comes to Analogyx BI, but we’ll save that for future articles. In the meantime, drop your comments below and feel free to reach out if you have any questions about how Analogyx BI can improve your business decision-making capabilities.

Interested in Analogyx BI? Click here for a Free 7 Day Trial and information about our Free Demos!

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