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IHS Technologies


IHS Technologies began as a software development shop in 2007 creating custom applications to help manufacturing companies automate data processes. When a major client implemented Epicor ERP in 2010, they called upon IHS to help them develop their Product Configurators. The combination of IHS manufacturing experience and technical programming skills resulted in a set of Configurators that continue to handle

a very complex product and pricing structure while maintaining a user-friendly approach. As our reputation for turning out quality, on-time Configurator projects grew, IHS was asked to apply our expertise to a growing range of Epicor modules.

In 2016, in response to customer demand, IHS added leadership staff which possessed an in-depth knowledge of the Epicor platform and its application to the manufacturing industry. In addition to performing a variety of Manufacturing roles, this staff has served as Epicor Power Users, Administrators, and Consultants, and they maintain close connections to the Independent, Partner, and Epicor Corporate environments.

Staying focused on organic growth, IHS has developed a team of full-time staff and closely vetted contractors to help Manufacturing firms select, design, implement, maintain and optimize their Epicor ERP solution. Because our entire Leadership Team and each of our Consultants has hands-on experience working in the Manufacturing Industry ranging from the Shop Floor to the Board Room, we are able to speak directly to our client’s needs and provide the business and technical skills required to build an Epicor solution that meets those needs both now and in the future. Our continued active involvement in the Epicor Community as an Independent Consulting Contractor ensures our ability to stay up to date on platform functionality while providing the flexibility needed to provide our clients with the products and solutions that maximize their return on investment.


In 2020, IHS Technologies became the North American Master Distributor for Analogyx BI.  Analogyx BI is a web-based platform that provides end-to-end Prescriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive analytics, along with, Advanced Reporting capabilities.  Its ability to simultaneously pull data from any number of varied data source types (including spreadsheets) provides our clients with a comprehensive, single source of truth that takes their decision-making capabilities to the highest level.


IHS Technologies is moving strongly into the future by helping companies maximize their Epicor investment through knowledge, experience and application of forward-thinking tools.

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