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Epicor Services

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It’s no secret that implementing new software can be overwhelming, time-consuming and stress-inducing. That’s why at IHS Technologies, we are with you every step of the way. We have 17 years of experience working with clients of varying sizes and have honed our implementation skills through our work with global private equity firms, enabling us to complete 7 successful implementations in a single year. From working with you to determine if Epicor is the right fit for your business, to installation, setup and training, let our team of fully-vetted expert Epicor consultants take on the stress and responsibility of the implementation so you can stay focused on your business. Contact Us.


Optimization (Phase 2)

While Phase 1 implementation focuses on getting the company up and running with basic quote-to-cash functionality, Phase 2 is where the greatest improvements are made in terms of decision-making capabilities, shop floor visibility, continuous process improvements, and expansion of Epicor capabilities through advanced modules and 3rd-party enhancements. Our Epicor Phase 2 program (EP2) helps your company put the same emphasis on Phase 2 completion as it did on Phase 1. Ready to get started on Phase 2? Contact us for a summary of services. Contact Us.

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For 50 years, Epicor has worked hand-in-hand with customers, creating industry-specific software solutions and services that enable a world of better business. In addition to helping you determine if it’s the best fit for your company, we can attest to the quality of Epicor software. In fact, we believe in it so much that we run IHS technologies on it. Whether you are new to ERP or an existing Epicor user, contact us to learn more about how Epicor can enhance your business operations. Contact Us.

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