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IHS Technologies


IHS Technologies has been involved in the Sales, Implementation, Optimization and Support aspects of Epicor ERP software since 2010. During that time, we’ve realized that the largest return on a company’s investment comes during the post-Implementation Phase 2 projects. While Phase 1 implementation focuses on getting the company up and running with basic quote-to-cash functionality, Phase 2 is where the greatest improvements are made in terms of decision-making capabilities, shop floor visibility, continuous process improvements, and expansion of Epicor capabilities through advanced modules and 3rd-party enhancements. Each of these areas are essential to expanding your company’s ability to service your customers while increasing your bottom line.


Unfortunately, many companies never execute Phase 2 projects and therefore lose out on much of the investment they made in the Epicor platform. Reasons range from not enough time/resources, to limited budget, to lack of understanding of Epicor functionality beyond core modules.


At IHS our consultants have seen it all and heard it all, so we’ve created the EP2 Program to help companies maximize their ERP investment by accomplishing their Phase 2 goals. As an independent Epicor Consulting Partner, we maintain strong roots in business requirements planning, Project Management, and Epicor technical skills, as well as, stay on the forefront of emerging Epicor features and 3rd-party enhancements so we’re able to provide you with the resources, knowledge and skillsets needed to get the most out of your Epicor investment.

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